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Rock Hack – How to Make a “Rock” Radio!

Here’s a really cool “rock” radio that will go well with your outdoor patio/deck.  I find this so creative and original, I give it my “best hack” of the week award. (if there’s such a thing)

My ROCK Radio. The number two in my cement-audio-series. It started of being a very nice rectangular brick shape. Then I found out that a thick layer of cement shields the radio from actually receiving radio waves. With my “Now it doesn’t work anyway” philosophy, I took

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Light Bench lights up your night!

If I had a million dollars, I’d make sure to get these light-up benches for my outdoor patio.  (which of course if protected by overhanging canvas from rain)

Better yet, add some solar panels and make it solar powered.

The bench is suitable for indoor and outdoor, and is weather resistant and rugged. Several benches can be combined together for a more dramatic look. It operates by an individually pre-programmed remote control that is simple and intuitive to use. Almost an art object, the Light Bench creates the right presence in creat

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JoBe Lighting Launces its Outdoor Lighting Stones!

Check out some of these “stone” lights that can lighten up your outdoor patio or porch.  Now, these lights are perfect for stoners.

JoBe Lighting(www.jobe-lighting.com) launched its new lighting product ‘Beckstone’ in U.S market at the Lightfair International in Las Vegas from May 28 to 30, 2008.

The Beckstone is encased in a solid block of resin, and is virtually undetectable from an ordinary pavestone by daylight.

The durability of this resin allows Beckstones the

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