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U.S. Cellphone Credit Card Technology about 5-6 Years Behind Asia!

Well, when I used to live in South Korea about 3 years back, it was common to see someone transferring $100,000 on their cellphone of pay for goods, just like a credit card.

I am sure that technology has evolved even further, while us consumers in the U.S. are still using plastic cards.

Most of this has to do with big corporations in America who won’t let this happen:

The short answer is “red tape.” Th

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XBOX360 Hack – How to Add Wi-Fi to your Xbox 360 without breaking an arm and a leg!

Lol, it turns out the “cheapest” way to add Wi-Fi to your Xbox360 is to actually just get one of these WiFi Dongles for the regular Xbox.

That’s insane and really bad rep for Microsoft, who are basically selling their outdated technology in a new box.  (I guess it does look a little sleeker but twice the price???)

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Why iPhone isn’t popular in Asia!

In Asian countries, iPhone won’t be as popular due to the high number of “other” devices out on the market.

iPhone price cuts in Japan prove that iPhone is still priced too high for Asian consumers.

Let me explain why iPhone cannot be popular in Asia:

When I used to live in South Korea for years, we didn’t goto BestBuy or the local AT&T shop.  For the cheapest prices in South Korea, there’s this “town” call

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Rotating Power Outlets!

Rotating Power Outlets!

Have you noticed how outlets are “not” made for appliances and gadgets?  Well, that’s because someone decided to make fixed power outlets and us consumers have been using outdated technology for years without our consent or knowledge.

Yes, it must be a government conspiracy but here’s rotating power outlets to change all that negative thinking.

via coolest-gadgets,

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WiMax will replace WiFi Soon!

One thing iPhone consumers don’t realize is that, THEY’VE BEEN HAD by AT&T by junky cellular internet connections.  Now AT&T is going to TAKE YOUR MONEY AGAIN AND RUN!

All the hype about iPhone is great for AT&T and Apple by not so great for us regular joe consumers who don’t know jack shit about what really is going on behind the scenes.

The truth is simple, CDMA by Sprint is faster than AT&T’s GSM and probably will be still faster after the so-called “over-marketed” second generation 3G is out.  (HELLO! 

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Fujitsu F706i is a water-proof TV Phone that will be here in about 3 years!

While us US consumers are still paying big bucks for outdated technology from various telecommunications carriers, people over in Asia and Japan are enjoying the water-proof TV Phone…  Expect TV phones in the US in about 3 years.  The current TV phones in the US don’t count, they are based on broadband connection not radio.

Fujitsu F706i is like the G-Shock of mobile phones, unfortunately it is only waterproof and not torture proof so it cannot handle a 6 feet drop. Like many Japanese phones you can watch TV on it, the clamshell’

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Linux May Power New Nokia Phones

Here’s some great news for Nokia phone users that Nokia may start using Linux to power their new phones.

Why do I think it’s great?

Well, I’ve looked at every new Nokia phone at the Web2.0 2008 and sadly, they all really suck and incorporate outdated technology.

Don’t get me wrong, Nokia does make great hardware, but their software sucks and it’s clear that it may never improve with the proprietary operating system they are using.

For the major ding, the new Nokia phones come equipped with very very horrible web browser. The web bro

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