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How to get out of your Cingular contract, legally.

This is a funny article on how to get out of your Cingular contract. If anyone tried it, let us know.

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How To Put Out A Candle Without Blowing It


Here’s a cool little science experiment to put out some fire.

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Tricked out car…wow

[gv data=”pc-N1aDQm2A”][/gv]

Wow…this is the tightest car with gadgets such as rolling doors and hmm…. Didn’t know you could do that with the back door of a car… Maybe that will be my next DIY…

I wouldn’t spend the money customizing a car that way, partly because I am not really into cars, more of a motorcycle guy, but it is definitely a to-do if i had money spilling out of my pockets… via techeblog

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