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Apple’s new 3D OSX

So I mentioned this the other day at Laptop Pimp, but I think some of our gadget and tech nerds here at Zedomax would find it interesting.

It seems Apple is working on a new OSX build that would have a 3D desktop. It’s hard to explain, so check out these drawings to get an idea of what I mean. It all looks very interesting, and I wonder how the mouse would interact in the space, as well as if touch screen tech would add to this.

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Nice phone – The Apple iPhone runs OS X

Garrett told me about this new iPhone on engadget today. Awesome phone, just hope internet is fast!  I just hope the GSM EDGE is way faster than regular GSM…  The browser looks really cool.  Now I can get a Apple iphone instead of a computer at fraction of the price. via

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Make your Linux box look like a MAC

I don’t know what it is lately, MACs have been very appealing to me lately. Maybe because the new MACs are unix based or what… Regardless of how much money I don’t have in my pocket to buy one, here’s a way you can make your PC look like a MAC and fool people if you have Linux installed…