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Oscilloscope Hack – How to Convert your Oscilloscope into a Linux Terminal Screen!

Here’s a rather amusing hack where the author turns his oscilloscope into a linux terminal screen through serial connection.  Not only can you connect linux devices, you can essentially connect anything that uses serial communications.  That means you can now use oscilloscopes for displays on Arduino projects and much more.   Of course, this is sorta overdoin’ but we still like it.

The Terminalscope is a full, bidirectional serial terminal that uses a PS/2 keyboard for input and displays 54×24-character output on an oscilloscope or XY display. It can be c

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Oscilloscope DIY – How to Buy and Use an Oscilloscope!


Editor’s Note: Here’s a great site on how to buy and use an oscilloscope

A 3 part video tutorial series on what to look for when buying an oscilloscope, where to buy one, and how to use it.

An oscilloscope is the most important piece of electronic test equipment you can buy after a multimeter. They allow you to see, in great detail, what is going on with all the voltages in your circuit. If you ever work with audio circuits, timers, microcontrollers, radios, or anything isn’t DC, an oscilloscope will help you

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DIY HACK – Oscilloscope using PIC

Here’s a cool DIY oscilloscope using a PIC12F675 kinda similar to the Atmega Atmel Oscilloscope.

This is a simple PC voltage oscilloscope using only a PIC12F675, a 20MHz oscillator, and a RS232 level shifter. The PIC takes a sample on GP2, immediately sends it to the PC at 115,200 baud using an software asynchronous serial routine, and repeats. It sends a 8-bit value that is read by the Visual Basic

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DIY HACK – Make your own Oscilloscope

Check out this DIY Oscilloscope using Atmel Atmega32.

I wanted to see if I could make a useful scope using just a microcontroller and a television. The result works, but is a bit slow with a maximum sampling rate of 15,750 Hz. This is fast enough for most electrophysiology, but not for audio. The sampling rate is determined by the maximum rate of the internal A/D converter.


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DIY Hack – Turn your PC into an Oscilloscope

Well, here’s a cool DIY on using a simple ADC chip into a PC Oscilloscope. Very interesting how you can use a $6 chip as a $300 Machinery…

via make

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