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Peekaru Baby Carrier or Baby Snuggie Lets your Baby Go Back In Time!

Fear the public no more, your baby can now “literally” go back inside the mother’s womb with this new Snuggie for babies.  I am sure if you are a parent, you will find this new Baby Snuggie very helpful.

Let a Peekaru Original simplify the process of getting out of the door. Wear your Peekaru over any baby carrier and you’re ready for cooler weather. Add a coat and you’re ready for winter. Whether it’

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Cool Stuff from Hackaday


Hackaday found some cool stuff after their sushi thanksgiving party, well I gotta give that a try next year. You can always refer to Make’s HOWTO on sushi for sushi lovers.

Talking about sushi, if you live in San Francisco, you gotta check out Oyaji’s Restaurant.  It’s run by a Japanese chef, Hideki, who&#

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