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Orange will be Offering iPhone in the UK!

It’s interesting because I have been refusing to get the iPhone because of AT&T here in the States while all of Europe is getting blazingly fast network speeds on their iPhones.  One of my friends “claim” that Skype Mobile works flawlessly in Ukraine and Dubai, which I believe is probably true.

On the side note, Orange will be offering iphones in the UK and O2’s previous exclusive deal with Apple will end soon according to BBC News (which I don’t read much but for all you bloody readers

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DIY Nintendo Toaster works Perfectly!

Fully Functional NES inside toaster


Check out this cool DIY Nintendo Toaster that encloses the whole Nintendo inside itself.  What I like most about this project is the toaster pop-out function works for the NES cartridges while the toaster LED turns on if the game is on.

I had an awful lot of people suggesting that my previous project (the Super Genintari/Leviticus) looked like a toaster. I then discovered that I had an extra NES and toaster laying around and knew what had to be done.

Ripped al

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DIY – How to Write Letters and Shapes Using a Laser!

Drawing with lasers is really fun especially if you set your digital camera in stealth, long exposure mode.

How to use a laser pointer to draw, to write and to record it? I think it is a very interesting thing. With the help of a camera with the function which could set longer exposure time,you could easily record what you draw and write with the laser pointers.The laser pointers include 405 nm blu-ray laser pointer, 532 nm green laser pointer, 473 nm blue laser pointer, 593.5 nm orange laser pointer.

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Wind and Solar Power Tent!

Here’s a cool tent that can power your gadgets through its wind turbine and solar panels at the top of the tent.

Although this concept looks to be for commercial use right now, they should really make a mini-version for consumers like me who take their tent to the beach. Perhaps some bigger, lighter solar panels covering the whole 1/3 of the tent might be good for solar beach laptoping.

you’ll be ab

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Orange CFL for Halloween!

Ohh… check out thse cool ORANGE CFLs for Halloween!

Energy inefficiency may spook your party guests, but you can still cast a frightful glow with orange and black mini compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). A pack of two 13W bulbs, with one of each color, costs around $9. ::Builders’ Square

Or, as one of our readers eruditely points out, you can just throw an orange sha

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DIY IR PaintRemover

I just painted my new apartment with some orange, more orange, and lavender paint. Here’s a great way you can make a IR PaintRemover! (good find, Phillip!)

The new unit would be a departure from the old. This new unit would be based on a ceramic emitter rather than your grandfather’s quartz tubes of yesteryear. Why ceramic? One reason is that a ceramic unit would be easier to build with fewer parts. Commercial ceramic emitters are readily available. Efficiencies for ceramic emitters run from 85 to

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more iPhone Hacks – can’t afford an iPhone? Don’t worry.


Yes, this hacks been around for awhile like an old whor*. Anyways, check out the Window iPhone hack if you refuse to get an iPhone for some odd reason or you just can’t afford one.  Well, this hack doesn’t really implement all the cool touch features of a real iPhone but at least you can be a wannabe for sure. :p

Today I’ll highlight a couple of methods for skinning y

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12 person Beer bong

Check out this funny lookin’ beer bong you can make 12 people get drunk at a really fast pace…

Twelve people try out the new 12-person beer bong created by Jeff Barton of Milwaukee (in orange). Barton, a staffing company employee, designed the contraption that weighs 600 pounds fully loaded and serves two beers per person when doing a group drink. It also has a beer bubbler.

via gadgetgrid

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Color Mixing

Here’s a cool site that shows you how to mix colors… for example, what colors you need to make orange…

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