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Xbox360 Hack – How to Make a Lag Switch!

Here’s a fun way to make a lag switch, it allows you to “cheat” on online games by disrupting the Rx (receiving) channel while the Tx (sending) channels keep working.  The other users get a lag while you shoot them basically.

Great idea, but if you need to cheat that bad, you should just keep practicing more instead.

By attaching a physical device (called a lag switch) to a st

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DIY – How to Make Solar Heater from Recycled Campaign Signs!


Well, nevermind what’s wrong in America these days, let’s put our focus on more positive DIYs that might actually entertain us.  I’ve also updated my About page as it was pointing to the wrong page with original logo of Zedomax. (if you are interested…haha…thanks Nico

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Halloween DIY – How to Make Spartan-style Bottomless Pit!

If you’ve watched the movie 300, you will appreciate bottomless pits where you can kick your opponent’s messeger’s into an abyss of hell.  Well, here’s a cool DIY that shows you how to build one for this Halloween so you can kick your friends into the bottomless pit, well sorta.  (ohh boy, I can imagine how many kids saying, “This is SPARTA!”)  Yes, this is time for Sparta and great bottomless pits for Halloween if you ask me.  Please go build one!


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PS3 Hack – How to Master Advanced Skills in FIFA 09!


I have to admit to playing FIFA on the PS3 and it’s a lot of fun.  Of course, it was my friend’s PS3 so I didn’t have much chance to practice but here’s a cool PS3 video tutorial that shows you how to master all the important skills you need to beat your friends.

Advanced tricks and juggling for Fifa09 for Playstation 3.

Additional info:

0:10-0:20 Kick Ups Works only when standing

0:20-0:39 Around The World Also only when standing still, the timing on the rotation of the RS is important.

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