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Newest Navy Aircraft Unveiled by Northrop Grumman

Oooh, this is a cool plane

t the heart of the aircraft is the new radar, the APY-9, designed and built by Lockheed Martin Corporation. It can “see” smaller targets and more of them at greater ranges than the E-2C. The new rotodome, developed by L-3 Communications Randtron Antenna Systems, contains the critically important, continuous, 360-degree scanning capability, while adding an electronically scanned array. This system allo

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Motor DIY HACK – How to make a Homopolar Motor!


Oooh, check out this cool simple homopolar motor made with a standard AA battery, magnet, and some wires!

If you want to check out some real industrial motor stuff, make sure to check out our DIY with some industrial steppers.


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