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Xbox360 Hack – How to Make a Lag Switch!

Here’s a fun way to make a lag switch, it allows you to “cheat” on online games by disrupting the Rx (receiving) channel while the Tx (sending) channels keep working.  The other users get a lag while you shoot them basically.

Great idea, but if you need to cheat that bad, you should just keep practicing more instead.

By attaching a physical device (called a lag switch) to a st

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The MacWorld Steve Jobs Flash Game!

Wow, i was just searching through some stuff on Macs today on SiteHoppin’ (we added a new category Mac today) and found this awesome Steve Jobs Flash game!

This has got to be the tightest game I’ve seen in awhile. BTW, Macworld is going on right now.

Here’s the story:

Imagine being Apple CEO St

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GNGWC2007 Grand Finals!!!

Darn, I’d love to be in this picture… Of course, my fist wouldn’t be just there, it probably be somewhere nearer something else… Don’t shoot me because I am adventurous…

Anyways, the GRAND FINALS of one of the biggest online game contest will be held in Korea!

Darn, I am still stuck in San Francisco…if you want to help me go to Korea, buy a page on EntreWiki or One Buck Wiki! (I might be able to talk Aving News to get me a free

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The world-famous Coca-Cola and Korean online games entered into a partnership.

Coca Cola is partnering with Korean online games to promote online games through Coca Cola. I am guessing the one on the left is a representative from Coca Cola and the one on the right is probably the CEO of the Korean online games company???

Okay, here’s the answer:

For this purpose, KIPA dispatched Vice President Taek Min Kwon of the Digital Contents Business Group and working staff to Hong Kong and signed an MOU on joint pro

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DIY – Halo 3 Master Chief costume out of cardboard, fiberglass and an old bicycle helmet


Here’s a cool Halo 3 Master Chief costume you can make. Check out the video, very hilarious. :p

via MakeZine

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Game&Game World Championship 2007′ the final of the U.S. region was held on L.A.

Game&Game World Championship 2007 was held in LA. Looks like this dude got lots of love from some nice lookin’ girls.

Regardless of hot women in games, the finals will be held at COEX center in Seoul, Korea. I wish I was there… :p

At U.S. final selection, more than 60,000 players participated from preliminary match of ‘Shot online (Sports)’, ‘War rock (Action)’, ‘Silkroad online (MMORPG)’ and US regional final event held successfully with 17 players who advanced from preliminary match and more than 200 supporters

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Cool Environmental Flash Game

Check out this cool flash game you can play. It will make life based on the choices you make wit the engineering tools available.

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Starcraft 2 is coming!


Remember playing Starcraft couple years ago? (Well, I guess some of you are still playing it)

Well, here’s a video of the Starcraft 2 preview.

Check out this site for more information on Starcraft 2.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this game…you will probably not see me blogging for a month…or more…

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Halo Addiction, do you have it?

If you see signs of your friends or family starting to look like a green robot thingee, he or she probably has Halo Addiction.


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Replay – Play Starcraft via a touch screen!

Well, we want to bring some of our past back from August 2006, when we all started this zedomax thing. Although we haven’t really gone far above or anywhere, it’s good that we are still alive.

Especially since Starcraft 2 is about to go crazy, we want to make sure we can play Starcraft 2 via touch screen too by reminding ourselves…duh…

Here’s the Replay:



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