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Flash Mobs in Canana for Olympics!

I was just hoppin’ over at John Chow (lucky bas+ard!) who lives in Vancouver, noticed that he was “had” by a flash mob, suddenly a group of people started dancing for no reason in the middle of Olympic festival, AWESOME.  This reminds me of that one time Santa’s elves mobbed New York Time Square and when San Franciscans turned into zombies.

Anyways, some nice pictures fr

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Google Hack – Get Olympic Scores/Schedule on Google!

Google is providing some live scores and schedules if you type, “xxx olympics”, where “xxx” is the name of your sport.

Try this for soccer

Search Engine Land noticed that Google now shows a onebox* for certain Olympics-related queries, like tennis olympics or taekwondo olympics. This seems to work in the US and Ch

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Chinese 2008 Olympic Swim Center

Check out some pictures of the new swimming center for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. It looks like a giant watercube, which is what it’s supposed to look like.

“Our ‘Watercube’ concept is a simple and concise square form that ultimately uses the water bubble theory to create the structure and building cladding, and which makes the design so unique. It appears random and playful like a natural system, y

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