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Dog DIY – How to Get Rid of Dog Fleas Using Natural Substances!

I have to admit to being bitten by fleas for like a 6-month period while I was watching my friend’s flea-ridden dog, flea bites are nasty and they can make babies pretty quickly and take over your whole home in just matter of weeks.

Anyways, I am glad THAT is over but I found an interesting article that shows you different ways you can get rid of dog fleas, all using natural substances.  My favorite is the garlic solution, I happened to smell really bad after eating a lot of Korean BBQ, that will definitely work even on fleas.  I am sure all these methods work on cats too.

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DIY Natural Bath and Beauty – Eco-Me Kit!

Well, I am not really into bath and beauty but here’s some really nice DIY natural bath and beauty kits called Eco-Me that can help you with your bathing/fashion.  If you want to save earth and get the eco-version of bath products, this might be it.

I recently tried out the body kit and made my own sugar scrub, body oil, body spray and powder. I loved the idea of the product – all the instructions and containers I would need along with some essential oil to make i

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