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Microsoft Upgrade to Vista Parody Ad – Downgrade to XP Today for only $99!

We’ve designed a new ad for Microsoft’s new operating system, the Microsoft XP Professional.  That right, you can “downgrade” to XP from Vista and benefit from the following:

– Driver compatibility

– Usuability

– Improved Productivity

– Save Time not having to search for new drivers

– Supports your old computer with less than 2GB of memory

P.S. You are free to spread this Ad around, maybe Microsoft might actually use it.


DIY – How to get rid of technology if you’ve got it.

Sometimes I feel like I need to throw away anything that has technology. As weird as it sounds, I feel like the world is too full of technology even though I love it. See this love and hate relationship w/ technology?

Here’s a good site on getting rid of things, especially your old computer.

Backup your data and wipe your old hard drive clean.

Some old computer parts can be salvaged.

Clean your old computer before you get rid of it.

Get in-store credi

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