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Recommended Old-news

16 layer Optical Drives from Pioneer – 400GB DVD!

Remember the post on Japanese researchers working on a 42GB DVD?

Well, that’s already old news.  Check out these 16 layer optical drives from pioneer at 400GB.

It’s not really called DVDs but pretty much they are 400GB DVDs.

Pioneer announced they succeeded to develop the World’s First 16-Layer Optical Disc. This new audio-visual aid offers a storage capacity of 400 gigabytes: it correspond to 25GB per layer. The manufacturer

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GoogleMaps working on Voice Search with Blackberries

Google is working on voice search functions with their GoogleMaps on Blackberries.  Now, this is really old news as I have covered Microsoft’s TellMe service which does exact same thing for more Blackberries except using Microsoft’s LIVE search and LIVE maps.

Now, in the long run, I would predict Google win this voice-search race s

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