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Home DIY – How to Decorate Your Walls with Letters!

If you ever go to traditional rice wine bars in Korea, you will often notice that the walls are covered with newspapers.  Well, here’s a similar idea for retro-fitting your recreational room (if you have one):

Who knew old letters apart from jogging those memory cells can also be used for home décor? Just check out this wallpaper made entirely from vintage letters! However if your letters are too personal to be displayed on walls then you can also use old n

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Steampunk Cufflinks!

Aww God!  It’s steampunk cufflinks I will never wear!

Brand new style! I am so pleased with how these turned out. Vintage lucite magnifying cabochons were set over old letters and genuine brass watch gears, and then sealed on the back with lacquer. Then everything was placed into gold framed cuffinks and the final effect is really stunning. Everything shifts and changes as you turn them back and forth. Don’t wear them to any important meetings – no one will be

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