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DIY HACK – HOWTO sense Squeeze!

Ohhh….. here’s a really cool DIY HACK that can sense your squeeze. (This might be good for making an adult-related game…then again…)

I’m researching squeeze sensing as a mode of tactile interface. Here I will cover the process of developing a squeezeable sensor and the firmware/software concerns associated with interpreting the data from the sensor. This fulfills the “sensor project” for my class called Computational Principles in Media Art

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Swiss Army Knife with 512MB Memory for $39.99!

Ohhh…check out this sweet SwissMemory, It’s a Swiss Army Knife with 512MB of memory at only $39.99!

I’d get one if I didn’t have both already…


    Compact, multi-purpose tool; transport image, music, and data files Includes: 512 MB memory stick, knife blade, nail file with screw

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