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HACK Google – Google Pageranks and Googlebombing

If you have been following the web lately, you should know what Google pageranks are and what Googlebombing is. Just in case you don’t know, Google Pageranks are some type of crazy algorithm that determines how important your website is on Google search engine. They recently changed it to prevent Googlebombing, which is a method of bombing certain keywords to get on the top of the search list. For example, you can tag a completely random phrases such as, “sawasdikul”

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How to get rid of Computer Viruses

Here’s an update on howtogetridofthings.com from last week.

They have re-worked their site, now it’s called howtogetridofstuff.com.

The news is that their new site looks very cool and here’s a link to how to get rid of computer viruses

including free virus software, not just downloadable for free.

via howtoget

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