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DIY LED Scrolling Eye Mask Tells “Others” when you need to Get Off the Subway!


Here’s a cool DIY LED scrolling eye mask gadget that tells others when you need to get off the subway.

Apparently, people don’t seem to care enough to tell the person to get off the train but we think maybe they add some “vibrating” option to the eye mask, then it might be a practical eye mask that people could possibly, maybe use. (or probably not, I don’t want to be carrying a big eye mask around, make it really small…)

Noriko-san is designed to give sleepyheads greater peace of mind (and

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DIY Steampunk Fan!


It seems like the social networking internet world “loves” steampunk stuff, here’s another steampunk fan!

(Ah gowwwd, please turn off that awful music!)

This is sort of a cross between an instructable and a slide show. I did take some pictures during the build of my fan, but not enough to be a complete walkthrough. Odds are, you won’t have the exact pieces that I used to make my fan anyway – so hopefully this will inspire you to see what you have available to m

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Asus Eee Linux Box!

Asus is working on their new Linux box that looks like wii.

* As per our previous speculation, an official launch of the Eee Box will indeed take place on June 3rd at Computex in Taiwan. Hardly surprising given the show is in Taiwan, the home of Asus and many a computing manufacturer. * Specs wise, our source told us the machines would be launching with 2GB RAM as standard, along with a 160GB hard drive – obviously not an SSD. * These new machines will be running the same Linux distro found on the Eee PCs – no bad thing by our reckoning

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