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FUN FACT – Seahorse Male Pregnancy

Did you know seahorse males give birth lay eggs???

So, in a nutshell. Male seahorses compete with each other to become pregnant for three weeks (during which time they cannot move around to search for the best food), go through 72 hours of labour and exhausting final contractions to release up to 200 baby seahorses. During this process the natural colour of the male seahorse drains from his body and he becomes white and pasty looking. The experience (yes, we have it on film) loo

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Wii HACK – Wii on iPod!


Check out this Wii hack, someone got a Nintendo Wii to play on iPod!

Just playing some Wii… on my 60GB iPod. Basically in a nutshell I just rewired my dock with the lightbar from the Wii. Then running linux and a app that I installed on the iPod, enabled it for live video stream via the 30pin dock connector (ie. instead of video out I can have video in) Then with a few splicing of the composite video connectors and some electrical tape to convert it to the S-Video jack on the back of the dock. The audio was passed through to a

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Linux HOWTO – linux commands in a nutshell

Here’s a cool site that gives you linux terminal commands in a nutshell…

via ss64

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