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DIY Servo Electric Guitar!


Check out this cool DIY servo electric guitar.  I am not a guitar expert here but this thing is cool!

A servoelectric guitar is a fretless guitar that is played by controlling servomotors that change the tension of the strings over an octave or more on a real-time basis. Tuning is maintained by closed loop tension feedback for rapid and predictable response. Relatively small electrical motors and DC servo amplifiers are possible th

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Hopping Robot!

Here’s a robot that hops like a grasshopper!

Jumping can be a very efficient mode of locomotion for small robots to overcome large obstacles and travel in natural, rough terrain. We present the development and characterization of a novel 5cm, 7g jumping robot. It can jump obstacles as high as more than 27 times its own size and outperforms existing jumping robots with respect to jump height per weight and jump height per size. It employs elastic elements in a four bar linkage leg system to allow for very powerful jumps and adjustment

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DIY Thumb Pianos!

Thumb Piano 2


Wow, check out some of these really cool DIY Thumb Pianos!

Sometimes an instrument you know can become something else altogether. Bob Collier has been constructing his own thumb pianos, adding amplification, effects, self-sampling features, and novel cases involving recycled camera bodies and faux fur. As Bob says, “Sometimes the crudest and roughest looking kalimbas can sound surprisingly good especially with the right context of fx and amplification.”

I find kalimbas beautiful and delicate to begin with.

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