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Black Friday DealMax – Buy.com Gadgets Coupons!

Yey, I’ve got bunch of great deals for you Zedomax readers and visitors for Buy.com on bunch of cool electronic gadgets: (Take advantage of them today!)

I’ve already check them out and they are really good deals and you can save up to 90%+ on gadgets.

Philips SRU4105/27 Universal Remote Control – TV, VCR, DVD Player, Amplifier, Set-top Box, CD Player – Universal Remote

SAVE 92%


Buy.com price: $7.99

List price: $99.99

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USB Starfish Speakers!

Need a star shaped speaker that’s small enough for travel?  Get one of these cute USB Starfish speakers for your next destination.

This USB Starfish Speaker can connect to all iPods, MP3, MP4, MD, CD player, notebook, PC, PDA, PSP, mobile phone and other digital products with 3.5mm stereo audio connector.

via brando

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Egg Speakers!

Remember we had a guy who designed the “egg” phone? Well, here’s “egg” speakers. Speaking of eggs, whatever happened to eggheads the retailer? (I guess they went bankrupt back in 2001…)

More pics after the jump.


Extension tube: Small in size but big in bass Tumbler Design: Relaxing yourself Pocketsize portability: Small enough and carry around on a d

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