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NEWS – How Should South Korea Inspect Suspicious North Korean Ships?

The recent news, if you have been keeping up to date, is that North Korea has all of the world’s eyes glued to their actions with nuclear weapons.  I personally think it’s ridiculous that the world is giving North Korea so much attention when there’s so much more important things to solve in the world such as inhuman Iranian government.

Here’s an excerpt from the Philipino news I picked up just now:

South Korea’s coast guard said

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Hackers Attack South Korea and the White House!

I know for a fact that millions of hackers live in South Korea, where even FBI can’t even get to.   Here’s a bunch of interesting news that hackers have attacked the South Korean government websites and also the White House.

Well, my best tip is that you need to really strengthen the firewall but whatever.

Also there’s speculation that North Korea might be behind this hacker attack.  I just think hackers are hackers, they do this for fun.

Researchers who are following the attacks said that they began July 4 and focused on the small group of United S

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Cuba puts First Computers on Sale to the Public

Cuba is now selling computers…AND Cuba and North Korea remains as the only 2 communist countries in the world that are slowly reforming to the world standards.  Did you know thousands of innocent people are starving to death everyday in North Korea?  Well, I don’t want to get controversial here but they really need to accept the fact that communism never worked and never will.  But maybe a capitalmunism will…

Cubans are getting wired. The island’s communist government put desktop computers on sale to the public for the fi

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