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Nook Hack – Nook Hacked as WiFi Internet Browsing Device!

Wow, check this out, someone “hacked” the Barnes & Noble nook device to run internet browser, talk about a “free” 3G device that can surf the web!

I hope there’s details on how to accomplish this but from what I can tell, it shouldn’t be too hard as it’s really an Android device.

Of course, you can get started hacking the nook device by learning to root it first here.

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Nook Hack – How to Root Barnes and Noble E-reader Nook!

Here’s how you can root Barnes and Noble E-reader Nook. It’s based on Android and the OS is stored in the SD card. To root the Nook, you simply have to extract the SD card from Nook then enable the shell.

I guess this is rather simple, not a real hack but still, you can do a lot of stuff once you root your Nook.

1. Turn off nook 2. Take off the back cover of the nook 3. Remove the battery 4. Remove the user microSD card if there is one 5. Unscrew all screws. Dont lose them. There is a hole in the bottom left with

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