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DIY HACK – More wii web browser hacking exposed!

Here’s another wii hacking for web browsing using some dns hacks via

[gv data=”_5RZn4qCeQw”][/gv]

More wii web browser hacking exposed!

Fred, t

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Wii Hack (Streaming Roms from PC to WII)


The youtube video looks like the author was able to hack roms to the WII from his PC. Kinda cool.

Check out wiiroms website, they got whole bunch of stuff on downloading roms to wii and all kinds of wii rom hacks!

Virtual Console.info – nWii VC Game Reviews and Free Games. downloadable access to titles originally released for Nintendo 64 (N64), the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and even the

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Wii Opera Browser Hack! FIRST WII HACK

Here’s a wii opera browser hack. Somehow these guys got google on Wii using the embedded Opera browser, cool.


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Nintendo DS Midi HACK!

[gv data=”AYDF313Ae7A”][/gv]

Okay…hackaday has found a nintendo ds midi hack for you…try it if you need it, otherwise, check out our other stories!

This is what German hacker/student/musician Tob, who created the cool NitroTracker old-scho

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More Zedomax Party Video – Wii Tennis with 4 people

[gv data=”Yzy9BsiQQHA”][/gv]

At the zedomax party last night, we were able to play tennis with 4 people, I personally didn’t get to play because I got too drunk but it looked fun, this motion sensing gaming era is really going to take off!

cheers! 🙂

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don’t need no stinkin’ sensor bar

[gv data=”JTGSkYRDpWY”][/gv] Yes sensor bar is simply an array of IR Leds, really easy to make but the real sensor probably communicated using bluetooth or rf with some commands of some sort. Let’s see what the future has for hacking the wii!

Yes, we don’t need a stinkin’ sensor bar, we need a complete analysis of the communication protocol of the wireless wii controller!

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More Zedomax Party Video – Wii Golf

[gv data=”f3QkAiuhLfs”][/gv]

Here’s a little preview of Wii Golf. My friends waited about 3 hours at Target to get the new Wii, so don’t complain about the resolution. At the Zedomax Wii and PS3 party, we were able to experience all of it. And yes, you will get to do that too, once you get hands on one… You can’t top this golf game since the motion sensing controller comes with the wii…

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Wii Bluetooth Motion Controller

[gv data=”L5ERTNjcxK0″][/gv]

So we waited in Target to get this Nintendo Wii, check out the video of the new Wii wireless bluetooth controller that probably has an accelerometer chip in it to sense motion of the users…

At the Zedomax party this weekend, we were able to check out the PS3 in person, which was cool since we didn’t have to wait 30 hours like our friends, who did wait 30 hours at the Sony Metreon in SF to get us the PS3…

Let the party keep rollin’ 🙂

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DIY WII Hack – HOWTO Make your own wireless Wii sensor bar!

[gv data=”hdxJt9UNqxE”][/gv]

Here’s a cool Nintend Wii hack that the author makes a Wii sensor bar. Basically, it allows you to navigate menus and browse through the WII using the homemade so called “stick”. This is great for WII users who have any instances where they bash their wireless bluetooth controlled controllers while playing some boxing or just letting their controller go for some reason.

Yes, I believe there WILL BE a lot of demolished WII controllers coming soon

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Nintendo DS MP3 coming soon…

Users will be able to play MP3s on the Nintendo DS soon. SD card will be supported for memory, but the downside is that it can play videos… Well, that might be good enough for some but it would be nice to be able to hack it and make it do more…

There’s no word on price but we will get it up on zedomax as soon as anyone hears a word.


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