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Nintendo PC Made! – NES PC

[gv data=”http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=4435068971679334683&hl=en” width=”670″ height=”400″][/gv]

Here’s a cool NES PC!

Ebay auction for NES PCs

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Use Wiimote to Control MacBook!

[gv data=”XfG_ry7kE6E”][/gv]

Tight ass hack for using wii controller for your macbook!


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Wii hack – Power Glove

[gv data=”BS_87WoJ0j8″][/gv]

Somebody in Japan hacked up this wii power glove, awesome!


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DIY ideA! PulseVU – Nintendo Wii Hardware Mod – Custom LED Effects

[gv data=”4DEyC3HvJKA”][/gv]

Wow, look at this mod for nintendo wiii!!! cool hack I suppose…

via wiihacks

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Poor Man’s Choice of Game – Wii, half price and double the fun over PS3

Nintendo Wii is definitely more fun than PS3, it has a lot more user activity going on than a simple joystick. Even though the PS3 does have its 6-axis controller, Nintendo Wii can be bought for half the price for double the fun.

Even Sony states that there are goin

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WII HACK – HOWTO access web

[gv data=”_5RZn4qCeQw”][/gv]

Here’s a video on how to access the web before the official release of the Opera 9 browser by hacking the settings.

The Wii won’t officially have it’s Opera 9 browser until later, but clever individuals have figured out how to “hack” the settings on the Shop Channel (which is basically a stripped-down browser), and venture out onto the web. It’s not the prettiest solution, but it’ll get you surfing until the real thing finally drops.


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WII HACK – Nintendo Wiimote Acceleration Sensor Reading

[gv data=”9iBaKsh5z_o”][/gv]

Here some more cool wii hacking!

There’s been a lot of progress made with dissecting the operation of the Wiimote. This video was recently posted on youtube, showing a PC MATLAB graph of the Wii’s acceleration sensor data. Since this data is now technically available on the PC via bluetooth, it shouldn’t be too long before someone puts together a Wiimote enabled PC game.


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Nintendo Wii miracle – “…my parents played a video game.”

Here’s an interesting take on the Nintendo Wii, “Yesterday, something amazing happened: my parents played a video game.”

Yes, that is almost “magical”.

This seems like wii is a revolutionary way to play video game nowdays. We have definitely reached another level of game play. There are even rumors that you need to be in good physical condition to play wii games or even the fact that playing wii will increase your stamina and even lose weight! I completely agree with the fact that w

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DIY HACK – Hack Wii and view Wii shop on Firefox.

Yipee, more wii hacks for this crazy wii week: This one allows you to hack wii shop, you don’t need a wii for this one. View the wii shop in firefox:

Hats off to this guy. I wanted to do the exact same thing but still have not been able to get my hands on a wii yet.

The wii uses a browser to communicate. By emulating this browser with firefox, you can surf the wii shop.

1. Open Firefox 2. Install the

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Faulty Wii straps

Faulty wii straps are becoming too problematic it seems, even in our earlier wii and ps3 party, it seems with overzealous users and some booze, the straps will not maintain itself with just some string type deal.

Here’s the first challenge to Nintendo. Make a wireless motion controller that is like a golf glove!


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