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Wii HACK – Solar powered Wii!

Wow, check out this cool solar powered Wii!

Tom’s Hardware Guide recently built a mobile Wii station, complete with an HD monitor, that’s powered in part by a solar energy (check out the Tom’s Workshop video of the project). It’s a simple invention on many levels. For one, it didn’t cost much at all to find a battery, power converter and appropriately-sized solar power panel. And the station itself is just wood with a couple of wheels and a co

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Nintendo Wii Hacked – CUSTOM Built Wii Laptop!


Yes, take a Nintendo Wii and put some creativity with some work to get a custom built wii laptop!

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Nintendo Wii HACK – Streaming Content from Orb

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Here’s a cool little hack for streaming some media from mycast.orb.com.

Here is a video showing the features of mycast.orb.com on Nintendo Wii’s Opera Browser. It Streams Recorded TV, Internet Radio, Music, and Divx. … (more)

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