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DIY Jumbo Nintendo DS!

Can’t see the screen well on your Nintendo DS?  I know one of my friends who cannot see well yet he still has a Nintendo DS (which he cannot see very well due to its small screen).

No worries, just go ahead and hook it up to 2 Tablet PCs and make it fully functional on a screen large enough for you to enjoy Nintendo DS.

Here’s a little project I’ve been work

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DSLR Hack – How to Build a Nintendo DS DSLR Camera Controller!

I know that DSLR camera controllers can come in handy when it comes to shooting photos period but do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars on commercial camera controllers that come with presets that you cannot change?

There’s a hack for that, you can build yourself a Nintendo DS DSLR camera controller.  You will first have to start by making a DIY interface cable but once that’s done, you can take advantage of the free open-source Arduino code that w

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Digital Camera Hack – How to Control a Nikon or Canon Digital Camera with Nintendo DS!

Here’s a really cool hack that shows you how to control a Nikon or Canon digital camera using Nintendo DS.

A funny cool thing happens once the camera is controlled by what is essentially a instant-on computer. Where the Canon 5D can do a bracket of three shots, spread two stops apart, and the latest 1DS MKIII series can do a nine shot bracket, the “DS-DSLR” can do any number of shots, and if I don’t like the way it does it, I can rewrite the software to do it better.

The DS can run in bulb-mode as well, so I can do automated expo

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Attigo Touchscreen Turntables revolutionize DJ Scratching

Touchscreen scratching… even better than Nintendo DS scratching.

TTIGO is about the same size as a conventional deck set-up, but has all the flexibility of digital track storage: choosing new tracks without all that swapping of vinyl. Check out the video to see it in action.

Watch video after the jump.

via gizmodo

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DJ Video – Nintendo DS scratching!


Wow, this is awesome!  Nintendo DS scratching for DJholics.

DScratch is the first module made using my Protein engine – it’s a little audio manipulation software running on Nintendo DS, which ables you to play with an .wav audio sample, a recorded audio sample or even audio streaming from DS’s embedded mic; you can pitch, scratch, rewind, mute and apply effects on the sound. Moreover, DScratch sends

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Nintendo DS HACK – Homebrew Nintendo DS Tilt Sensor

[gv data=”poADq6wisLU”][/gv]

Here’s a nicely done tilt sensor for your Nintendo DS!

Tilt sensing isn’t quite the novelty it once was, with all these new-fangeled controllers and laptops flooding the market, but as much as the execution might lack, or our child-like joy wane, we’ve always got room for one more tilt-enabled doohickey at the Engadget HQ. This time around it’s the Nintendo DS sporting the fancy functionality (

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