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$23,500 Amazing Amethyst!

Okay, basically you will be paying $23,500 for this 1200 pound amethyst rock collection from Brazil but well worth it if you are a collector.  Of course, I rather get a nice bike for that much money.

Youll need to do more than make room on your desk for this giant treasure! The overall piece measures 55 high x 34 wide x 15 deep, and weighs in at almost 1,200 lbs.! — Want to make a statement in your home or office display? This would be the piece to do it with.

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DIY – How to Build an LED Glowy Bike!

Here’s an interesting DIY where you can make your bike glow with a big tube thang you can buy from Wal-mart.

This is an easy bike project that incorporates things like paint, an iPod speaker, and an LED tube.If you follow the instructable correctly, you should end up with a very nice bike for under $25!

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