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Nexus One Hacks – How to Add USB Host to your Nexus One!

Did you know that you can turn your Nexus One into a full-fledged desktop computer by hacking it with a USB host, then adding USB devices including USB keyboard, USB wireless mouse, and USB graphic adaptor?


I bet you didn’t, head over the Sven Killig’s site for full instructions.

You will need a 

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Top 10 Nexus One Hacks!

As you well know, I have a new Nexus One phone I have been hacking.  For those of you who just got a Nexus One or haven’t hacked it yet, here’s the Top 10 Nexus One hacks you can follow:

1) How to Unlock your Nexus One! – You will need to unlock your Nexus One before you do anything so start here.  It’s pretty simple actually, just installing the USB driver is hard.


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