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Nexus One Hack – How to Add 720P HD to your Nexus One!


Yup, Nexus One has a chip capable of doing 720P HD videos (as it uses the same 1Ghz Snapdragon processor as HTC Evo 4G which does 720P HD) and someone has hacked it to do 720P HD.

And the process of putting this on your Nexus One isn’t too complicated so long as you have your Nexus

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Nexus One Hack – How to Install Android 2.2 Froyo on Your Nexus One!

Yup, I just installed Android 2.2 Froyo on my Nexus One.  Since I don’t have stock Nexus One rom anymore (but was running HTC Desire ROM), I had to update the phone manually.

Modaco, on

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Nexus One Hack – Quake 3 Running on Nexus One!


Check out this video of Quake 3 running on Nexus One, rather flawlessly as the author says:

ANY LAG ON THIS VIDEO IS THE CAMERA AND VIDEO QUALITY. The game is perfectly smooth on medium/high-ish graphics. Shit quality video of a Quake 3 port to Android on my Nexus one. I’ve mapped the volume up to walk forward, and volume down to jump. The trackball is set to high sensitivity and works perfectly as a mouse. (Also, pressing the trackball is to shoot) In 3 minutes i got 8 kills, 3 deaths. It’s definitely playable on a non-k

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Nexus One Hack – How to Overclock Your Nexus One and have the fastest CPU for Smartphone Today!

Yey folks, I just overclocked my Nexus One to 1.113Ghz from its stock 1Ghz, making it the fastest CPU for smartphones (you can hack) today.

The best part about this overclocking hack is that it doesn’t deprive your Nexus One of additional battery power because it’s overclocked and uses slightly less CPU voltage.  Basically, it makes your Nexus One as fast as it can be.

You can read full step-by-step instructions I wrote over here at Nexus One Hacks blog.

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Nexus One Hack – How to Install the HTC Keyboard on your Nexus One!

For those of you who want to try a different keyboard than the stock Nexus One provides, you might want to try the HTC keyboard.  Installing is pretty easy, no rooting needed.  You can see full step-by-step instructions on how to install the HTC keyboard over at our Nexus One Hacks blog.

I really like this keyboard a lot, even better than the Better Keyboard app I bought for $3.99.  Best of all, it

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Nexus One Hack – How to Install HTC Desire ROM on your Nexus One!


Yup, I’ve been hacking my Nexus One phone a bit, this is my first time with Android phones but seems like I am getting the hang of it.  I’ve just installed the HTC Desire ROM on my Nexus One and I have to say, it’s rather nice.

I can also switch back and forth between the Cyanogen Mod and the HTC Desire, which is really cool.

Now, I just wish there were more ROMs available for the Nexus One.

You can follow my

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Nexus One Hack – How to Hack(Tether) Your Nexus One into a WiFi Router!


You probably remember when I hacked my Palm Pre into a WiFi router when it came out months ago.  Well, I decided to do the same thing on my Nexus One too!

I know I mentioned this Nexus One Wifi hack couple weeks back but didn’t try it myself and found that instructions out there are very lacking so I made my own

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Nexus One Hack – How to Install Cyanogen Mod on your Nexus One!


(Boot-up animation of Cyanogen Mod on my Nexus One)

Sorry for lack of updates folks, I have been immersing myself in some crazy Nexus One mods over the last couple days, bearing getting any sleep.

Basically, I was trying to get the Android WiFi Tether app working, which requires you to root your Nexus One.  In the process, I just decided to install the Cyanogen Mod (which is basically an “enhanced” Nexus One Android OS) while I am at it.

After installing Cyanogen Mod on my Nexus One, I was rather surprised to find that my phone seems to run zippier

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Nexus One Hack – How to Enable Multi-Touch on your Nexus One!

Nexus One launched in the U.S. supposedly doesn’t come with multi-touch simply because Apple would “sue” Google if it did. But it’s okay, I believe it was Google’s mastermind plan to let hackers hack the Android OS 2.1 to add multi-touch support, here it is! (I will have an updated video of this working too btw.)

Only 7 lines of code!

Who wants multitouch for their N1 browser?

I just whipped this up, this will be in my upcoming ROM.


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Nexus One Hack – How to Fix 3G Issues!

UPDATE: This fix actually works, now my Nexus One is humming on 3G, you might have to reboot your phone and wait about 10 minutes.

Also see my new Nexus One Hacks blog, featuring cool stuff like WiFi/USB/Bluetooth tethering hacks and installing different ROMs like

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