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Pictures of a Really Really Really big Supercomputer!

Wait, how do you walk through all that?!?

Wow, I used to work as network technician long time ago when installing a CAT5 wires on a 5000 sq. ft office was hard. This is about 100 times harder looking… how do they even maintain the supercomputer? I wonder what happens if one of these go down. You are gonna have to be really good at walking over wires, which I am not.


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DIY HACK – How to make a USB Charging Flashlight

Here’s how to make a USB charging flashlight. But you can probably make this work for many other devices that run 5V including MP3 players, cellphones, whatever it is. Just don’t complain if you try to power something less than 5V and blow it up… 🙂

After reviewing the Forever Flashlight for The Gadget Panel I couldn’t help but take its

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