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GM and Segway’s P.U.M.A!

Looks like against all the liability issues, GM and Segway has allowed the Gizmodo team to take a ride in their new P.U.M.A.

My first thoughts?  I would NEVER ride in that thang, it’s too small. (That’s my first honest reaction.)  I doubt that people over 200 pounds can even fit in that thing nevermind getting stuck.  But a great idea, sorta the next-level version of Segway.  To me it seems more like a miniature version of a golf cart or o

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Robot DIY – How to Make a R2-D2 Robot Bar!


Here’s a cool DIY that shows you how to make a R2-D2 Robot bar for your next party pleasures.  Just awesome!

The concept for BaR2D2 was born when a friend showed up to an event with a radio-controlled cooler. We joked about taking the idea to the next level and in the Spring of 2008, construction began.

If you enjoy BaR2D2 as much as we have, be sure to rate this Instructable a 5 and vote for it in The Craftsman

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Halloween DIY – How to Make a Mega Man Costume!

Using simple LED circuits, plastic cup, and some textiles, the father of this young man has made a cool Mega Man Costume with ability to (almost) shoot fireballs.

I can remember the dayz of playing Mega Man, I think it was the most popular game at one time in history.

Why not re-live the moment using this simple DIY technique?

The Mega Buster was another important part of the costume… I could have just done two gloves, but that would have been lame. Anyways, I liked Mr Wilsons idea of using tupperware for the construction, I jus

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Camouflage Golf Balls Makes Golf Easier!

If you though golf was easier, you can make it even easier for you to find your ball with Camouflage Golf Balls.  Challenge yourself to the next level by using these hard-to-find golf balls. Damn it, I really hope Greg Norman wins tomorrow to change golf history for good.

As if golf is not frustrating enough, just try and find one these balls on the fairway, or even harder is finding one in the rough! The next time you’re on the course, pass your golf buddy one of these balls, and check out his expression.

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Das Keyboard – An Empty Keyboard that let’s you learn to become great at Touch Typing!

Here’s an innovative way to market your keyboard.  Save money by not printing the characters and market them by telling people this empty keyboard will help you become a Touch Typist.

Lol…regardless, it’s a great product.

Their marketing statement:

Whether learning to touch-type or already a touch typist, within a few weeks, you will memorize the character locations and you will be touch-typing like a pro

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Radical New Bike – The Extertec Spykster!

Wow, check out this 3-wheeled radical new bike called the Extertec Spykster! I wonder if it’s street-legal.



The Extertec(tm) “Spykster” Key Points & Advances:

    Patent pending leading edge steering design for road, dirt, snow and sea Takes existing Quads, Jet Ski and Snow Mobile machines to the next level Practical gains in safety and control without limitations of existing systems Provides basis for innova

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