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Retro Gameboy iPhone Case!

Gameboy has been one of the oldest handheld units ever, the original Nintendo Gameboy I am talking about here.

Gameboys have been hacked very much so, even after decades after its first announcement, not a bad idea to stick it on your iPhone, which may be hacked for the next decade too.

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How to Become 3 Inches Taller through Surgery!

Here’s a guy in Germany who gets his hips sawed off then a remotely controlled rod implanted in his legs as shown above to lengthen his legs.

I remember my mom telling me about these new hormones that could help kids grow taller about 20 years ago now you can do it with a simple (or should I say risky) surgery.

Only 4,000 people in the world have done this so far so there is no telling what kinds of side effects there are. If any, you should expect some pain when you age past 50.

Now, if this thing is successful for the next de

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