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Caravan Pod is a Portable Mini-RV!

Caravan Pod is a portable mini-RV that looks like peas to be attached to the rear of your vehicle.  With 12 volts of DC powering the pods, you have basic amenities available to you.

It seems a little dangerous for anyone to actually be inside while the pod is being towed but does provide enough “modern” comfort for those short week-long trips to Burning Man.

Overall, I think these will become more popular if they could make it affordable for your everyday working man/woma

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Phone Car?!?


Isn’t this the most ridiculous car you’ve seen in awhile?

Well you have seen it all until you see the Phone car, which is a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle modified to look like a telephone instrument from the early nineties. Created by Howard Davis to promote his telephone company Datel Communications, this baby never fails to amaze onlookers who give a thumbs up when the big red phone hits the road. The best part about The Phon

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Erasable Paper by Xerox!


Here’s a cool technology developed by Xerox. If you have any classified information, you can probably by benefit from this technology. There is also a way to decipher XEROX codes which are hidden in your XEROX prints. Anot

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