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Amazon Kindle 2 Video Review!


Here’s a nice video explanation of the Amazon Kindle 2.

One thing I like about this Kindle 2 is the fact that Amazon hooked up with Sprint’s EDVO network to launch the free wireless 3G connection to the Kindle 2.

The only disadvantage to Kindle 2 may be attributed to the fact that people have to actually buy the electronic books, sorta like Apple App store.  This may save trees but I wish there’s a way for people can “trade” the books they’ve bought, sorta like real books.  (Well, that mig

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Bed Blog Search Engine Launched!

Bedzine Blog Search Engine has been launched today and I had to work (or play,hack, whatever) for the last 24 hours w/o sleep.

The main reason I am spending so much on this new blog search engine idea is the fact that it can help readers find what they “want”, not simply the latest blog posts on the home page.

Of course, our web stats been hitting the roof last couple days too, mainly due to people “searching” after landing on a blog post they are not interested in.

I will prob

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Google Android Open Source Official!

Google Android, an mobile open-source platform is now available for download.  (Yes, it’s official now!)

Based on the Linux platform, this Google Android might become really big, maybe even much bigger than the iPhone market.

I really think this Android will live long as its based on open-source linux, meaning we should even have college textbooks that will study how Android works. (in few years)

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Firefox Hack – SiteHoppin Toolbar saves you 5 minutes of your Daily Web browsing time!


Here’s a video demo of the new feature just added to the SiteHoppin Toolbar for Firefox that can save you 5 minutes or more of your daily web browsing time. Great for bloggers…

via SiteHoppin

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