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GM – “Bankruptcy is not an option”

While GM and Ford’s stocks are plummeting to the bottom(the worst since 1950), GM states that “bankruptcy is not an option” as they still have billions of cash in hand. (which is washing away rather quickly)

Here’s an excerpt from LA Times:

“We face unprecedented challenges related to uncertainty in the financial markets globally and weakening economic fundamentals in many key markets,” Renee Rashid-Merem, a GM spokes

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2008 Nissan Cube is UGLY!

What’s up with car manufacturers designing new cars like a box???

Probably because they think some people could live in it one day…

via autoblog

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What a Waste! – Mazda destroys 4,703 shiny new cars worth $100 million!

Geez, this is funny decision to destroy the cars that were pretty much brand new. If their cars were go

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