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Firefox Hits Record Market Share at 20%!

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Yey, my favorite Firefox browser hits record market share of 20%!  Although still far aways from taking over IE, it’s far better than 4-5% couple years ago when Firefox started becoming more and more popular among U.S. users.  (Btw, Asian users still rely on IE mostly, due to the fact that most of their online credit card systems work exclusively with IE’s encryption technology.  I have been one of those users in South Korea where almost

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Yahoo’s version of Digg – Yahoo Buzz!

Lol…it looks like Yahoo is trying to get a share of the social networking market. Check out Yahoo Buzz, it could create a lot of traffic for your site if you become a publisher.

Check out the About page, sorta very similar to Digg huh? Remember AOL try to do the same thing with Netscape? I think Yahoo would do a little better, possible better than Digg. With all the black market for Diggs,

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Netscape rolls out with video and blog

Hmmm…it was youtube, google, yahoo, now Netscape video too…

Their blog site just opened on the 26th it seems like.

Yey~ more bloggers!

I tried it out and its pretty fast…

Update: I tried uploading wmv files but it won’t let me upload,

they will need to accept more video formats in the near future.

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DIY – MP3 Player in a Altoids from MIT

Here’s a cool DIY on how to make your MP3 Player that fits in a Altoid can from MIT.

It uses a PIC microcontroller, STA MP3 decoder, DAC, Compact Flash as memory card, and a USB interface from FDTI, which is kinda good combination of chips I would say

The Minty MP3 player can be built from parts that are sold at Ye Olde Traditional electronics distributor (digikey/mouser/newark). Half of the parts can be sampled for free, for a minimal total cost

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