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How to Blog All Day Long on Batteries!

Recently, I had the pleasure of helping a friend by waiting for PG&E at his house, where there was no gas or electricity. Well, I waited all day from 8AM to 8PM, 12 hours and PG&E still didn’t show up.

But the good thing was, I was able to last the full 12 hours on batteries and all the gadgets I own have paid off.

For laptop, I brought my

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Laptop Decals MacBook, iPad and Netbooks

What’s New???

I have taken some of my original artwork and have turned them into vinyl decals for Laptops, walls, windows, notebooks, furniture and what ever else you can think of.

These are:

*Full Color *100% waterproof *Easy to apply *They do not damage surfaces *Stickers can be applied to almost any smooth surface *Each graphic decal is made of high quality, self-adhesive vinyl. It can be easily removed and leaves no residue behind.

How to apply the stickers!

Peel off the backing paper, carefully position the sticker on your clean

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USB Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller


Jet has just tipped me on the new USB Ultrasonic Mosquito Repller from Uxsight.com.  I like this concept because now I can repel mosquitoes where ever I take my netbook.

No need to wear harmful chemicals and toxic sprays when you’ve got this mosquito beater! USB port powered gadget transmits a sonic repelling frequency and can provide clean living or office environment to its user.

Price: $5.69 at Uxsight.com

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Netbook Hack – How to Hack a USB Port into your Netbook Battery!

I don’t think this hack is practical for most people as netbooks can charge your USB gadgets anyways but for those of you who get stuck in an island somehow and end up with a netbook battery and your cellphone dies, you can use this netbook hack that shows you how to hack a USB port into a netbook battery

.  Boy, that was a long sentence…okay i know it’s a run-on sentence with 2 ands….

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Steering Wheel Desk is Perfect for Netbooking in My Car!

Ever since I got my new awesome netbook, I have been working from my driver seat in my car.  Well, it doesn’t feel awfully comfortable since I don’t really have a desk but I just found this perfect Steering Wheel Desk on the Laptop blog! (Only $24.95 on Amazon)  Next time you see me blogging away on my new steering wheel

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Eee PC Hack – How to Add Twitter/Facebook/Etc Status LEDs!

As I’ve mentioned, Eee PC 1000HE is probably the best netbook on the market today, that’s why I have one.   If you got one of these mini beasts, you might want to also know that it’s possible to hack it with status LEDs that can tell you when your friend tweeted you on Twitter or even get notified when someone write on your Facebook wall.

This is an interesting li

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Best Portable Camcorder – Flip Mino HD Review!

After having months of using my Aiptek 1080P HD camera, I’ve decided that I finally had enough of the bad microphone, bad zoom, MOV files only, and bad night filming so I bought the Flip Mino HD.  (Btw, Aiptek and MinoHD are about the same prices, highly recommend MinoHD over Aiptek, don’t waste your money on Aiptek, it sucks!)

This Flip Mino HD camcorder is probably the best portable HD camcorder for your money.  Not only is Flip Mino HD about the size of your cellphone, it practically does everything it needs to, including recording crisp 720P HD videos.


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Best Netbook Review – Eee PC 1000HE!

For the last 3 months, I have been enjoying the best netbook ever, the Eee PC 1000HE.  It’s the very first netbook I’ve bought but I can say that there’s enough cool little features that it allows me to be practically everywhere.  I am no longer stuck in my home to get my work done.  A lot of times, you will find me near Ocean

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Prank DIY – How to Turn Your Office into the Beach!

Here’s an awesome prank DIY on turning your favorite co-worker’s room into a beach!  Well, I don’t need to do this, I usually simply take my tent, netbook, and broadband USB to Ocean Beach but if you have no beaches around where you work, this might just do the job perfect.

It was meant to be a gift to him as much as it was a prank, since Randy’s redecorating was fun at heart, and Randy actually likes the beach very much.

One Monday afternoon and 400 lbs. of sand later, Instructables HQ became equipped with one of th

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Netbook Hack – How to Make your Favorite Apps Run Faster on a Netbook with Win XP!

Here’s a simple hack that will let your favorite apps run faster on your netbook with Windows XP.  (I think it also works with Vista too or your desktop but mainly, it would make a difference in a netbook since netbooks don’t have powerful CPUs)

My firefox has been slowing down on my netbook but you can make it run faster on your netbook simply by going to Windows Task Manager->right click on the app you want to speed up such as Firefox->then set it to higher than “normal”.

This simple hack would be pivotal for efficient netbook computing so try

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