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NES Nintendo Controller Pillows!


Here’s an interesting set of pillows that mimic the NES Nintendo controllers!  Neat, you can get them at Etsy although it’s sold out for now. (via sleeprevolution)


Arduino Hack – How to Make an NES USB Flash Drive! (with NES security)


Here’s an awesome NES hack that involves a retro-NES controller hacked as an NES USB Flash drive, also with added NES security that can only be unlocked using the NES controller itself, how brilliant!

At first, I simply wanted to turn the controller into a flash drive and be one of the thousands of videos and blogs of people turning everyday objects into external memory, but ever since I got my first arduino working, I’ve been itching to do something different. I thought, wouldn’t it b

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Super Mario Wallpapers!

My plumber friend is going to love these Super Mario wallpapers!  Awesome! (via twitter)

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Giant NES Controller Table Video!


Well, I didn’t know a DIY video existed for the giant NES Controller Table, but here it is!

Now, go make one!

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The World’s Biggest DIY NES Controller/Coffee Table!

Lol…this has to be one of the funniest yet creative NES controller ever!  The greatest part is that the controller actually is functional!

I’ve finally finished my giant NES controller/ coffee table/ storage box! Awesome! The piece of glass that I had ordered arrived today, it looks super fresh.

[via] ultra-awesome

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Zedomax AdTech 2008 Coverage – Etology.com offers Advertisers and Publishers Text Ads, Banners, Thumnails and more….

David, an affiliate manager from Etology.com, has given me a $25 coupon for FREE traffic for NEW affiliates.

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Here’s an interview with David from Etology.com:


(Thanks again David for the interview and your time!)

Etology.com offer

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DIY HACK – How to make an NES Game Cartridge Harmonica or ‘HarmoNESica’!

This one deserves our attention due to the fact that the creator is ‘masked’ to protect his online identity. Just kidding, this DIY is about how to make an NES Game Cartridge, (that’s right, I bet you got one of those in your garage somewhere) into a HarmoNESica.

Basically, it’s a Harmonica, but you can make it look cool. These days, people will making anything out of NES controllers, cables, and now…cartridges.

Watch the video if you want to see it in action. (Looks like he made this to promote his

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Palm emulation for iPhone/iPod touch demonstrated?!?


This is a funny video of people trying to emulate Palm on the iPhone. What a waste of time.

I could, however, understand it if they emulated the iPhone on the Palm.

This is like emulating PS3 on NES. (not that it is possible)

We give props though for hacking it up. Great job on the hacking. :p

via tuaw

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DIY – How to make an NES Wallet

Check out this cool NES wallet instructables!


via craftzine

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DIY – Famicom NES Guitar

The NES or the Nintendo, is called Famicom in Asia. Here’s a cool Famicom Guitar mod.

はい、「ファミ○ン」型のギターです(^_^;) ほんとにギターになるのか、 妹から初期型のゲーム機を借りて モデリングし直してみました。 実寸でモデリングして、 ネックに合わせて拡大していくわけです。

結果本物よりも、少し薄めにリデザインしてます。 ネックポ

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