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Paintball DIY – How to Make a Paintball Machine Gun Turret!

Do you really need to kill your neighbors dog (or cat)?  I am just joking but here’s how to make a paintball machine gun turret to relive your past-WW-II experiences (without killing people).  Okay, just read if you are interested.

This paintball turret system has the ability to be configured as a wired or wireless platform and we have even built it in a way to be portable for rapid backpack style deployments controlled with heads up displays up to a half mile a

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Consumer DIY – How to Get the Credit Card Collector to Stop Calling You!

I have to admit, I have had a big debt last year and credit card collectors would call me every hour starting from 8am to 9pm.  Of course, they “somehow” found the phone numbers of my former jobs and called them too.

But I guess there’s a way to stop them from harassing you, simply by writing them a written letter.

Of course, I am doing okay now and no one is calling me but if you are in debt and you just want those phone calls to stop, this will help you do just that:

The most important provision allows you to write to a credit card company collector

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DIY Spacesuit Halloween Costume!

Here’s a cool DIY Spacesuit Halloween costume that will really scare the nuts out of your neighbors.  (A neat idea)

Yeah, who is that?

via make, source

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Enter Key Doorbell lets your neighbors wonder…

Here’s a funny design for a doorbell, an Enter Key Doorbell straight off a regular keyboard. (or is it a MAC?)

Created by Li Jianye, this doorbell takes its inspiration from one of the most famous keyboard keys ever – “Enter”.

via ubergizmo, Design Page

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Glow and Throw UFO Flying Disc is a Glow-in-the-dark Frisbee!

For the ultimate frisbee tournaments, you might want to consider getting one of the Glow and Throw UFO Flying Discs and have your tournaments just after dark.

All you have to do to make your own UFOs is to pick your favorite colors of glow tube. Activate them and plug them into the holes on the Flying Disc. If you need a longer tube, you can easily connect two or more with the aptly named “connector piece.” When you are done with your creation, it will look something like a mad scientist’s Easter bonnet. But all you have to do is

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DIY – How to Hack a Toilet Paper Launcher!


Kip Kay from Makezine shows you how to hack a “Toilet Paper Launcher”.

Of course, this is probably illegal if you launch TPs at your neighbors house but it might be a great way to cover your friend’s house with lots of Toilet Paper at graduation or his/her birthday.

via make

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DIY HACK – HOWTO Make A Dangerous Blow-pipe!


Here’s something you can make to torture your neighbors. Well…j.k.

Imagine there is a famine and you are back to the hunter-gatherer times. If worst comes to worst and you need to catch a rabbit, a rat or anything that is digestable or anything that has to be hunted, you will need a weapon to serve you under those harsh conditions.

via High T3ch

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DIY HACK – luscious electric delight (L.E.D.)

This is freakin’ awesome!

We started experimenting with “row/column scanning”. This term refers to how the columns of shared anodes(+) and rows of shared cathodes(-) in an LED matrix can be quickly turned on and off to control a single LED within the matrix. Because the number of LEDs with in a matrix will always be fewer than the total number of rows and columns, it is more efficient to quickly address the columns and rows than each individual LED. We first soldered a 4×4 matrix

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