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Garden DIY – How to Make a Bird House with Satellite Dish!

I have seen plenty old satellite dishes just waiting to get dumped, here’s a great way to re-use the dish for your neighbor birds as a bird house.

Have you ever wondered how many unused satellite dishes are floating around aimlessly out there? After being disconnected, they seem to have no apparent function other than occupying valuable storage space and being mostly ugly? The object of this exercise is to offer a simple way to make an environmentally friendly use of one of the thousands of satellite dishes that have found their way into the landfills, attics and garages of tho

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How To Crack A WEP Secure Network

Too Cheap to pay for your own Internet connection, or maybe you just don’t want to be a pawn of the evil ISPs? Why not just “borrow” your neighbor’s network, he won’t notice. A video tutorial on how to crack WEP wireless Internet security encryption. via wonderhowto

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How To Hack Into A Weak WPA Wireless Network

So you were using your neighbor’s wireless network for free, and everything was going fine, until he locked it down with WPA security. This video will teach you how to get back on his wireless network, what a rube. This video tutorial presents instructions on hacking a weak Wi-Fi Protected Access, or WPA, wireless network. To follow along, and replicate this hack yourself, you’ll need kno

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How To Use DeAuth To Hack Into A WiFi Network

UPDATE: Looks like this video is no longer available but you can refer to our guide on “How to Crack Wep” instead.

Have you noticed that your neighbor locked his wireless network down recently? Well, now you can get back on his network and have some fun doing things that you would never do on your own IP address.

A DeAuth h

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Backyard surveillance system


You know, my neighbor used to leave about $2000 in CASH on his dining table AND he NEVER locked his front door of his house.

One day, I asked him, “What if someone robs you?”

He said, “I trust God and he will protect me…”

Well, the funny thing is, this guy has NEVER been robbed all his life!

BUT if you don’t believe me, you can always stick with some type of backyward surveillance system where you can play god yourself…

This certainly deserves to be a “one-of

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DIY – How to hack your Linksys router as a repeater

here’s an article on how to hack your Linksys router to act as a repeater.

Your neighbor is in possession of router A. It is set to factory defaults initially. This is important because it shows the victim isn’t technically savvy and won’t notice your intrusion. You have router B, a Linksys WRT54G that you will be putting into client mode and connecting to router A. The final component, router C, is plugged into router B and acts as a wireless access point.

via [hacka

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