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DIY – Flatscreen HOWTO when you can’t afford it

Here’s howto make a flatscreen with your DLP projection TV. the pictures should be enough to give you the idea. Well, you just need a wall with access to the other side. Hilarious, hahaha!


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Fun with Waterjet: Make an X out of an Xbox!

It is nice to have friends at Microsoft and cut up some cool stuff… The point of the story is the waterjet machine though, we really need one of these, it looks like you can cut anything!

A few days ago, some friends of mine from Microsoft stopped by with some junk X-Box circuit boards. So, we stuck them under the machine, and cut them to bits.


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Cool Video for Math Junkies – When Mathematical Constants Go on a Date

[gv data=”nKq6_vjrxMo”][/gv]

Cool little math dating…

Pi and e go on a date, and one of them has a chilling secret! Ah, nerdy math jokes …

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