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DIY Waste Paper Basket Made From Waste Paper!

Why didn’t we think of this like a decade ago?  It’s a waste paper basket made from waste paper!  What a neat idea for recycling and re-making all that waste paper, especially think of having one of these next to a regular metal waste paper basket just for recycling waste paper.

Okay, you get the idea, I do a sorta-similar thing with paper bags I get from the grocery store and use them as recycle basket for recycleables.

Design by Studio CRANK

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DIY Spacesuit Halloween Costume!

Here’s a cool DIY Spacesuit Halloween costume that will really scare the nuts out of your neighbors.  (A neat idea)

Yeah, who is that?

via make, source

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Re-cap from Keetsa Eco-Friendly Blog!

Here’s a quick re-cap of interesting science and technology posts from our Keetsa Eco-Friendly Blog this week:

Solar-powered bike Cycle Sol may allow bikers to re-use the power of the sun.  Portable Eco-Frienldy Fridges are really n

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Sun Table for Outdoor Laptopping!

Need to work outdoors because you need some air?  Don’t worry as the Sun Table will let you do that while your laptop is charged by the large solar panels embedded in the table.

The outdoor solar table lets you power up your laptop, via the Suns rays. The table is rather long, and would hold plenty of items, aside from your PC use. It is also water-resistant. The table is a neat idea, and would be great for those who spend a good deal of time on the internet.


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