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Navigon Launches MobileNavigator for Android!

Navigon just launched MobileNavigator for Android. This will be certainly one of the best GPS navigation apps out there as I’ve seen a demo of Navigon’s latest innovations at the last CTIA couple weeks back.

For those of you who want something a bit better than GoogleMaps with added “live camera view” among many other cool features, you can try the Navigon MobileNavigator for about $39 on the Market.

Here’s some screenshots:

(As you can see, the Navigon also pinpoints all the red light cameras.)

(Reality scanner is v

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Navigon 7200T GPS Navigation Review!

Here’s Navigon 7200T GPS Navigation review, I highly like the large 4.3″ screen Navigon 7200T has.  If you need text-to-speech, turn-by-turn directions, cellphone bluetooth connectio, and real-time traffic updates, this is an awesome GPS to get. On the side note, the 7300T will be here soon too, I believe it’s pretty much same thing though.

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