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Korean JATY Navigation does Breathalyzer!

Here’s an innovative idea for all future navigation systems, to include a breathalyzer.  How many DUI convictions would we save for an extra sensor and some stupid program that’d probably cost the navigation manufacturer extra 5 bucks?

At least, we know exactly what “level” we are on before driving.

Those crazy Koreans have brought out a new auto toy to tell if you’re fit to drive after a few jars of the sauce. Yes, the JATY DR7200 doubles as a breath

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Dash, in-car Navigation Company Launches their API!



Here’s Dash, a company that makes in-car navigation opening their API for developers to develop apps for their navigation system.

Sounds like a great idea, it will work a lot better if they offered some prizes like Google (GOOG) has been doing with their

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BMW Adds Full Internet Access to Its iDrive

BMW adds full internet access to their iDrive.  This is something I have been thinking about, putting a web browser into the car navigation.  If everything goes as planned, we should have some people “Site Hopping” while they are stuck at the light and make us couple million bucks.

I think this is a smart move by BMW as some car manufacturer is going to put that web browser on the car navigation.  Why not?  The screen’s there

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