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How to Lower Cholesterol and Chances of Heart Attack with Natto!

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For those of you who want to seriously lower your cholesterol and chances of heart attack, let me give you my personal suggestion, try eating some natto everyday.

Natto is Japanese fermented beans that can be eaten with rice.  For people new to it, you might actually not like the taste but once you acquire a taste for it, you will love it.

My dad used to be a foreign exchange student in Japan in the early 70s and he’s been eating natto for as long as I can remember

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Natto Fermented Soy Beans are Great for You!

Back in the 70s, my dad was an exchange student in Japan for couple years where he had developed a taste for natto, fermented soy beans in Japan.  One of his favorite sushi is also Natto Maki, which is a sushi made with natto of course.

Well, these natto fermented soy beans have proven to be great for beating cancer and all types of diseases and plus, I find myself eating these nattos and liking them more and more.  Of course, the first time you taste it, it

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USB Sushi Storage Devices


Cool check out some of these cool USB Sushi Storage Devices. (My favorite is Natto and Tuna)

Next time you are at the sushi bar, you can just show the sushi chef your USB drive to order.

Never again will you have to choose between having sushi or having a USB memory drive–thanks to the USB sushi drive. These USB drives are hand-made-in-Tokyo sushi replicas. Th

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