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DIY – How to be a moron and learn to not be rich by going to this site

Here’s a fun site you can go and leave some nasty comments about how stupid the site is. Their motto is, “I can’t get rich, neither can you.” This guy probably works at McDonalds. (Well, he probably got fired from there before making this blog…lol…)

We know, we are evil and we like to make fun of other sites but that’s what makes us different from everyone else.

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FCUK BloggingPro – Sell your Blog Themes, you deserve it and you worked hard Ben!

Hmm… looks like our friend Ben over at Blogging Experiment is pondering over whether to sell his customized WordPress Theme or not. I suggest him to incorporate in South Africa and don’t worry about what happens. Okay, that was a joke.

BTW, FCUK is a clothing line I like to wear, it stands for “French Connection United Kingdom“, so don’t be offended, it’s not the swear word…hah

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Snore Stopper stops SNORING!

Everytime my girlfriend’s brother Bodin comes over to my apartment and sleeps over, he SNORES! So we’ve outlawed him from sleeping in the same room ever again. But it’s about to change with this cool Snore Stopper. It will give you a slight electric shock or wave everytime you start snoring. We haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to buy it for Bodin since his birthday is coming soon. By the way, Bodin runs the

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