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NASA’s Swift Satellite Spots Blackhole Consuming a Star!

Have you ever thought if blackholes did really exist in space and if they would ever be used for time travel?

Well, I have, I am certain time travel is possible in the future, at least slowing down time is theoretically possible by quantum physics.

So, are blackholes real though?

Watch NASA’s Swift Satellite that spots a blackhole consuming a star!

In late March 2011, NASA’s Swift satellite alerted astronomers to intense and unusual high-energy flares from a new source in the constellation Draco. They soon realized that the source, wh

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NASA’s STS-134 Mission!

The STS-134 / ULF6 – AMS is scheduled to launch on May 16, 2011 at 8:56 AM Eastern by NASA.

What is this mission’s mission?

The AMS-02 experiment is a state-of-the-art particle physics detector being constructed, tested and operated by an international team composed of 56 institutes from 16 countries and organized under United States Department of Energy (DOE) sponsorship. The JSC project office oversees and directs the overall payload integration activities and ensures that the payload is safe and ready f

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NASA Moon Crash Video!

Well, I was hoping the latest NASA Moon Crash would be successful but as of now, it’s hard to tell as there’s no real debris that came up after the first rocket hit the moon.  Hey, at least we are safe and sound here.  🙂

Let’s wait a couple days, hopefully NASA has some good news.  Also read up on the Moon Crash at LATimes here.


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NASA TV – Expedition 21 Launched like RIGHT NOW! – PICS!

I just got pinged from @SpaceAstro on my Twitter feed, NASA’s Expedition 21 is like launching launched as I write this blog post, take a look on NASA TV if you care for big launches!

I took some quick screenshots of the Expedition 21 taking off for those of you who missed it.

(This is right after it launched, looks cool, doesn

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Top 10 Weird and Bizarre Gadgets!

Budweiser is going viral with its beer-filled Bud USB flash memory drive.

Solar powered vibrator??? Oh my gawwd.

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New Sub Zero Refrigerator Filters Bacteria and more!


Check out the new Sub Zero refrigerator which is capable of self-filtering and self-cleaning.

It features a NASA designed filtration system that replenishes the air every 20 minutes while eliminating bacteria, odors, and microscopic contaminants. That means food will stay fresher for a longer period of time (and your fridge won’t smell like an open sewer). The Built-In Fridge series is slated for a fall release in an array of styles, but no pricing details have been announced.

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Original Google Storage Server Made with Legos!

It’d be hard to believe but yes, Sergey Brin and Larry Page made their first 40GB Google Storage Server with lego casing.  Perhaps they might have been great lego-designers if they didn’t come up with Google.

The development of the Google algorithms was carried on on a variety of Computers, mainly provided by the NSF-DARPA-NASA-funded Digital Library project at Stanford. Click to see the equipment in its laboratory setting on the basement floor of Gates Information Sciences. Crawling the web to obtain its link structure required an eno

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Big Ass Digital Wall Clock!

Here’s a giant digital wall clock that will let you substitute an LCD TV.

The Big Time Digital Wall Clock is probably one of the more futuristic and striking looking clocks available. Being 100 x 50cms in size you will soon notice the time and probably take a second look as this would not look out of place on the wall next to the big screen in NASA.

Made from lightweight materials, flat and flexible is is easy to hang in your office or b

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NASA’s new Spacesuits look more like a Body-Builder!

Check out the new spacesuits (on the right) that NASA has been working on.  It definitely looks more like a body builder now when you wear one.

NASA just awarded its future spacesuit contract to Oceaneering International. The US firm must now design, test, and produce two suits — the default suit (pictured after the break) worn on-board for launch and landing and a second, more versatile, cheese-proof suit worn during space walks and upon the surface of the moon.

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Sunset on Mars!

I live in Sunset, Sanfran and watch boring ol’ earth sunset almost daily but sunset on Mars? Beautiful…

As part of their Image of the Day series, NASA posted a beautiful image of a sunset on Mars sent by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit on May 19, 2005.

[via boingboinglaughingsquid]

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