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NASA Scientists Say “Android Is Easier to Use”

We’ve seen Google launching their Nexus S phone into space with balloons before and here’s another cool fact that Nexus S was used for brains for robots at NASA. Apparently, NASA scientists say that Android is easier to use and easily implemented into their space testing programs due to its open-source nature.

This is quite true, Android is becoming more than just a phone or tablet, it can be used for many embedded projects.

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NASA Scientists Make Magnetic Fields Visible!

Wow, this is something to watch and watch again… (Video after the jump!)

Magnetic fields are invisible, at least usually. But Scientists from NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory have figured out how to make them visible, showing them dancing in an absolutely gorgeous movie called, appropriately enough, Magnetic Movie. You don’t want to miss this one, which is the coolest video that you’ll see all week, guaranteed.



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