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Porsche 911 Wireless Mouse Baby!

A company in South Korea has launched their new portable Porsche 911 wireless mouse.  I don’t think these will ever make it to the States unless they did get some branding approval from Porsche or maybe they will pass as knockoffs.  (but the Porsches do look awfully real for mouse)

Well, last but not least, you do get to become a Porsche owner without spending 50 Gs with these.

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> Most Vantech(www.vaax.co.kr) has presented its mini sports car-shaped wireless mouse ‘Minicute NANO 1600DPI’

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Nano Vent-Skin – CO2 Filtering Solar Micro-turbines!

Damn, I could see these things popping up like factories, what a way to rejunvenate the ozone layer!

Enter a striking new alternative energy concept by Mexican-born Agustin Otegui, who works with economies of a much smaller scale. He has conceived of a next-gen Nano Vent-Skin that sheathes structures in a shimmering solar weave studded with micro-turbines. The concept takes advantage of a structure’s maximum available surface space, and its modular composition allows it to retrofit our old buildings instead of

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DIY Podcast Studio – iPod Nano Podcast Plug-in

Are you into Podcasting and iPod Nanos? Here’s a device that turns your iPod into a recording studio. (maybe we will get one…)

The MicroMemo clips onto your 2G Nano and turns it into a hi-fi recording device. It comes with a microphone, but also has line-in and a mic socket so you can rip CDs or mix down from a whole studio setup.

The audio is encoded as uncompressed WAV files sampled at 44.10 kHz and up to 1411 kb/s, so you have CD quality soun

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